We specialize in functional fitness training, which is full-body strength & metabolic conditioning that is safe and effective for everyone!

From young to old, or beginner to experienced, we have you covered in meeting all your fitness needs. We even have programs for moms, especially for exercising during pregnancy and postpartum!


Established in 2015.

We started out in a single car garage with a couple of weights in the middle of summer. Although there wasn't top of the line equipment or huge floor space, we made it work. Now, we are in a 2,700 sq ft space with plenty of equipment to hold a 15+ person class at one time. Our commitment to focusing attention on to each individual is what has made us successful. We look forward to continuing to serve our community by meeting their needs in fitness and in life.

Meet the Owner

John Hazdovac

My fitness journey began when I started gymnastics when I just 7 years old. I kept up the gymnastics for 10 more years while also excelling in football later in college. After my athletic career seemed over, I needed something to do to stay fit. I would go to the regular big gyms, but I was extremely bored. That was until I found CrossFit®. It changed my life. I now had a new hope and purpose in athletics, competition, and fitness. After my first month I was hooked. The passion I had for CrossFit®, led into the passion I now have for helping people become better, get healthy, and be fit. I also love to compete in CrossFit® and was ranked 31st out of 8,337 people in the 2016 CrossFit® Games Open for the Southwest Region. More recently I made the Age Group Online Qualifier for the CrossFit Games which I place 118th out of over 44,000 people in the world. I love CrossFit®, but more importantly, I love helping people get fit and changing their lives forever, which led to us creating our own brand, Chuckwalla Fitness, in June 2020.


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