3 Reasons why you shouldn’t wait for the New Year to start working on your health and fitness…

1. Your body doesn’t know the difference between days of the year.

When it comes to your health and fitness, the fact is that January 1st isn’t different from any other day of the year. It’s all in your head. This is good and bad news all in one. The good news is that it’s up to you! You can change your health and fitness story starting any day of the year. The bad news is- it’s up to you! If you have limiting beliefs about making that change you never will no matter what day of the year it is. However, the bad news can become good news if you actually make the decision to change your life. And a decision is free of charge. The power to overcome any obstacle in your life begins in your mind. For most people, the New Year represents change, a new beginning, and often an opportunity for a second chance. But in reality, it’s just a day that represents it. That day doesn’t actually manufacture any real change to your life. You do. The magical 1st day of the year, in its merit does seem to give people permission to think it’s possible. And because you believe it’s possible, you have a chance. Keep reading to see how this belief or lack-there-of is at the root of the issue.

2. There is no perfect time to start.

Of course, the holiday season can bring about more busyness, chaotic schedules, traveling to see family, and party events that rarely promote “good health” situations. Yet, the truth is there is no “perfect time” of the year to start working on your health and fitness. If you ever made an excuse in the past, more than likely there will be an excuse in the future regardless of the time of year. This is simply because it’s not the “season” that brings the excuses- it’s you. You keep moving through every season of the year as the same person. The seasons change, but you don’t. Therefore, you carry along the same excuses into each new season. The excuses on the outside may look different each time, but the real excuses are the same on the inside. For example, maybe on the outside it looks like lack of time, due to the holidays, kids’ summer camps, work, weddings, parties, vacations, etc. Or lack of sleep due to being overwhelmed with lifestyle demands. Or even lack of a reason such as, “I’m healthy enough as I am. I don’t need to work out or spend time on my fitness.” Basically saying it’s not that important compared to other things in life. Even though these are seemingly legitimate reasons for not taking immediate action on health and fitness, they are excuses nonetheless and they are tied to a much rooted deeper issue going on -a limiting belief. A limiting belief is something that you chose to believe about yourself (either because of the past, a current situation you are in, and/or self-esteem) that is limiting you to achieve your success. And more times than not, it is grown out of a seed of fear. The “fear-seed” when watered on (believed on), will grow into a belief system of roots. The root system holds the fear planted deep into the ground. It then grows limbs of self-condemnation which bears fruit of more obvious and visible things like laziness and lack of will power and motivation. Not believing in yourself is what truly stops you from becoming the best version of yourself. Maybe it was your past experiences of failures, regrets, and the like that manufactured that seed of fear. Whatever it was, it must be uprooted. To uproot it, you’ll have to make a decision to go for it and work on yourself. Once you begin to plant seeds of belief, you’ll start to see the fruit of motivation, will power, and ultimately results. It’s the actual results that will lead to a happy, fit, and healthy life. But remember, the only way to get there is deciding to make a change at all costs.

3. The longer you wait for “the date”, the longer you wait to change your fate.

We often set a date for major life changes or events. When it comes to a life event like a wedding, a birthday party, or a big move I think setting a date is very important. However, when it comes to your health and fitness a date can sometimes make it seem like an event. And fitness isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of living your life for those events to be enjoyed. It’s like saying, “I’ll set a date to breathe.” That’s absurd right? So why do we do this to our overall health and fitness? Like I mentioned before about limiting beliefs, another limiting belief is we don’t believe how greatly our lives will change if we just get moving. It doesn’t have to be this perfect event. It just has to start happening. Kind of like breathing, you just do it, and in doing so you live. Also, with setting a date we can be setting ourselves up for false expectations. What if we idolize the New Year as the year that life will be forever changed but do not accept the hardship that will come along with achieving our goals? What if this big event or year of change and fitness doesn’t pan out? I think you have to be content with where you are at and just start where you are at. It’s not some life event that happens, but it just happens. And in doing so, you happen and life becomes great as you grow and change over time.

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Maybe you need more of an explanation of how life changing health and fitness can be for you. There are also, many articles on the web like this one from Lindsay Patton-Carson that explain how fitness can change our lives.

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