Member Spotlight - Vince and Bernie Chavira

Today's Member Spotlight goes to the loving couple, Vince and Bernie Chavira. This couple has been with us from the very beginning. I have always appreciated their kindness and loving support throughout this whole journey of opening up Chuckwalla. You can find Bernie often bringing in that morning coffee for me on a tired Saturday morning. And Vince is the tall handsome chiropractor that now does his work on Chuckwalla members (please talk to him if you are in need of his services).

Take a look at this short interview I did with this amazing couple...

John: What is your favorite lift? Bernie: The deadlift. I was able to meet personal record at 200#

John: Least favorite lift? Bernie: Snatches. Not my best. John: What do you like about Crossfit? Bernie: It’s always exciting with different WODs every time. John: What do you like about Chuckwalla? Bernie: Everything! From the coaches, the workouts and especially the Chuckwalla family. Although I can’t RX’d most of the workouts, I can scale or modify my WODs to my ability. I work hard to the end while having fun. John: What are you looking forward this year in your personal fitness journey? Bernie: To get down with those double-unders without whipping myself crazy. John: Anything else you would like to share about yourself? Bernie: Before CrossFit, I was in martial arts for about 15 years . Knee and shoulder injuries from competitions have prevented me to continue practicing. Chuckwalla CrossFit was perfect because it helped me develop my confidence back in working out despite my previous injuries. John: Now Vince, what is your favorite lift? Vince: Z-Press because at one point I will be able to perform a handstand pushup.

John: Least favorite lift? Vince: 3-way shoulder shocker because it burns.

John: What do you like about Crossfit? Vince: It has helped me keep striving for improvement of myself and other around me. John: What do you like about Chuckwalla? Vince: The programming John creates has made me stronger and finally able to accomplish one of my nemesis, strict pull-ups. John: What are you looking forward this year in your personal fitness journey? Vince: Being able to do my first Rx handstand push up. John: Share anything you else you would like me to about. Vince: Throughout my experience working out in Crossfit, there is a noticable dynamic approach to fitness at Chuckwalla. John observes, listens, learns and executes the paradigm towards reaching personal gains. Whether performing heavy lifts, complex movements made easier to understand and execute correctly or identifying regions to improve and make training safer for the participants. Personally, those items are key to making a safe, fun and competitive environment.

Without a solid foundation, building the structure you want will be difficult to attain. John will not allow you to do that to yourself. He cares too much for you to fail. Come by check it out and see if you like it. Only one way to find out and that is to try.

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