Member Spotlight - Jason and Esther Fleming

This week's member spotlight goes out to Jason and Esther Fleming. They are an amazing couple, and we are so thankful to have them as a huge part of our CrossFit community. Jason is a local realtor and Esther is a nurse and they are accompanied by their three beautiful children. Please take a closer look into how CrossFit has positively affected their lives in this short interview I did with them...

John: "What brought you to CrossFit?"

Jason: "I had done Crossfit for about a year at another gym and then we moved to central Phoenix so I quit for nearly a year during our transition. When we got settled, Esther and another friend came to check out Chuckwalla and really liked the group she worked out with. She told me that I would like the owners, John and Ashley, and that I should check it out for myself. I think she was afraid I was going to turn into a tubby old man if I wasn’t more active."

Esther: "I had always wanted to do Crossfit with Jason in the last city we lived in but it wasn’t the right timing with our kids ages and what I needed in a gym. When we moved into the Central Phoenix and my friend invited me to go with her to a new Crossfit box around the corner I was excited."

John: "What do you like about CrossFit?"

Jason: "It’s predicable- 1 hour classes at a consistent time, and it’s always challenging. It’s unpredictable- You never know what you’re going to do from day to day, but it will be a good mix of working different muscles doing different movements and lifts."

Esther: "I love learning new movements, working out with friends and the competition that always pushes me farther then I would ever go myself. I have loved getting stronger this past year – I have noticed a great impact on my mood as well as energy level."

John: "What do you like about Chuckwalla CrossFit?"

Jason: "The community at Chuckwalla is authentic and diverse. We push ourselves and each other to do our best. Sometimes just showing up is a win on life’s tough days. They also have a place for the kids to play and my kids love coming to hang out with their friends."

Esther : "My whole family loves going to Chuckwalla – the kids have a lot of fun and I love working out with Jason and other friends. John does an amazing job of keeping things structured and giving great coaching as well as it being a laid back atmosphere."

John: "How has CrossFit helped you (in any way) in your life?"

Jason: "Health, physical fitness and nutrition are a cornerstone to doing life well. Being around a community that is encouraging, challenging you to be the best version of you, and live a healthy active lifestyle is a win for our family. It’s also something that Esther and I look forward to doing together even though she beats me at most workouts. :)"

Esther: "I definitely don’t beat Jason at most workouts! The community around me pushing me to get stronger has been awesome this past year. Since moving into a new city the group at Chuckwalla has been a huge support in this way. We are so grateful!"

John: "What is your favorite exercise or lift and least favorite

Jason: "My least favorite lift is the thruster, too many wall balls or medball cleans. Those make my skin crawl when I see them on the WOD probably because I need to work on my squat. My favorite WOD’s usually have shorter rep schemes and are very fast paced."

Esther: "Favorite is bench press, and my least Favorite is the deadlift."

John: "What do you look forward to learning soon?"

Jason: "I enjoy working on techniques for the different movements and getting stronger. It’s fun to track my results on WODIFY and see the progress. My goal is to be able to bench my body weight by the end of the year and work on doing a muscle up."

Esther: "My goal is be able to do a pull ups and handstand pushups – I am making good progress!"

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