Member Spotlight - Jeannette Dube

It is time for you all to meet Jeannette. She is a 5th Grade Teacher that regularly attends the woman's bootcamp. I will never forget when she first showed up to bootcamp. She seemed a little nervous and a tad bit unsure if she was doing the right thing by being there. But slowly she gained confidence. I'll never forget when I saw what seemed like her fears being released when she made that first 20" box jump. Since then Jeannette has been making huge progress in her fitness journey. I am proud of how far she has come and I know there is greater things ahead. Here is what she had to say in our short interview...

John: "How has CrossFit/Bootcamp changed your life? How/why did you start? What were some fears and struggles you had, etc...?"

Jeannette: "CrossFit/Bootcamp changed my life by giving me the confidence and strength I had been lacking. Before I joined I was really down about how out of shape I had gotten and I worried that I would never be able to keep up. I was scared that I wouldn't "fit in" and that ultimately I would fail. I made the decision to try it out for 6 weeks and go from there. I found Chuckwalla. It was close, fit my budget, and it was okay for me to bring my kids. My life has never been better!"

John: "What do you love most about it?"

Jeannette: "There are so many things to love! My favorite thing about Chuckwalla is the feeling of being around friends who actually care about how you are doing. John is always asking how we are doing and gives us the encouragement to better ourselves. Knowing that others believe I can reach my goals helps keep me motivated to work towards them."

John: "In what areas have you seen the most progress?"

Jeannette: "So many! I am definitely stronger and I'm seeing the physical results I wanted. I'm able to go about my daily life without feeling the strain of being out of shape. I think the most progress has been in my confidence level. Regardless of how much weight I still have to lose, I know what my body is capable of doing. That is worth more to me than fitting into those (ugly) jeans from high school!"

John: "What keeps you motivated to keep up your hard work in the gym?"

Jeannette: "I am motivated to keep pushing myself because of the encouragement I get from everyone else. All of the other ladies in bootcamp are amazing, and I see them push through their own obstacles and it gives me the motivation to push through mine as well. It also helps tremendously that John is always so positive and willing to help you modify anything you are struggling with. Hearing the, 'Good job, Jeannette' when you really think you can't do another burpee definitely makes a difference!"

John: "What would you say to someone who is hesitant about coming in to try it?"

Jeannette: "Just try it! You really don't know what you are missing out on! The first two to three weeks are the hardest, but with the support and encouragement you get at Chuckwalla, it gets so much better!"

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