Josh and Mindy Danaher

In this week's Member Spotlight, I am thrilled to introduce this amazing family to you. The Danaher's have been such a welcoming part to our community ever since they joined. We are thankful for their presence in our gym. Josh is a teacher at GCU and Mindy is a hard working nurse. Let's get to know them a little better by taking a look at the following interview I did with them not too long ago...

John: "So what are some things that you like about CrossFit?"

Mindy: "I love working out in a group setting. The comradery and the challenge is really appealing to me. I like that I can just show up and work hard and someone else has taken the time to create a wholistic program for me. I love that. I also really like that I bring my kids with me and they have a great time while I get my work out in."

Josh: "I really like that CrossFit is a community of positive, hardworking people, who challenge and encourage you to keep pressing forward. In terms of the workouts, I like that we do lifts that strengthen the whole body, not just isolating few muscles (like I did when I worked out on my own), as well as the METCONs that kick my butt. It provides me with a way to challenge myself differently than when I am training for running."

John: "What are some struggles if any, in being so consistent in coming to class each week? What's your motivation"

Mindy: "Seeing results is a great motivation. The Wodify app allows you to track your progress so you can see where you have come from and it challenges you to go further. If I am having trouble feeling motivated, I remind myself of the feeling of accomplishment I have after my workout."

Josh: "It is sometimes challenge to come back when I feel so sore from the day(s) before! Sometimes, just continually carving out the time in a busy schedule is also difficult. But, a few things keep me coming back: 1) community, 2) knowing that I have recorded my lifts and reps from previous workouts and I need to keep improving, 3) my boys like to play with the other kids from CrossFit too; sometimes they are the ones telling us, 'Come on! Let’s go!'"

John: "How has Chuckwalla positively impacted your lives?"

Mindy: "I love the Chuckwalla community. I work out with people who have become my friends. We work together and we encourage one another. I love knowing that the time I put in to my work out is a future investment in my health."

Josh: "It has increased my level of fitness quite a bit and it has been a much more consistent, positive stress reliever for me. Again, being around other positive people trying to be healthy is really contagious!"

John: "What is your favorite lift or exercise?

Mindy: "Back squat."

Josh: "I like the power cleans a lot, but to be honest, I really like the variety. Ones of the reasons I didn’t work out consistently before was that I just stagnated and got bored. That just doesn’t happen here."

John: "What about your least favorite lift?

Mindy: "Sumo deadlift high pull. It's weird."

John: "Haha! It's true. It is weird."

Josh: "Any lift or exercise that my wife beats me in… Jk. Pull-up holds irk me."

John: "Any closing thoughts?"

Josh: "This gym is much more than a gym. I am grateful for it and am happy to see it growing!"

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