Member Spotlight - Jason and Lauren Koemans

I would now like to introduce this week's member spotlight: Jason and Lauren Koemans. This couple recently joined Chuckwalla as they just moved to the valley from Las Vegas. Please welcome them as they are getting settled and adjusted to our gym and to Phoenix. Don't be surprised if you find their newborn son sleeping like a baby while you're going through a grueling WOD. Also, you will see Lauren starting to teach some of our classes soon as she is going to be one of our full-time coaches. And don't be surprised if you find Jason doing a 52" box jump during a warm-up. Let's take a look at my short interview with them....

John: "How did you get involved with CrossFit? How long have you been doing it?"

Jason: "I don't know if it's fair to say I've done it a year because March of 2015 I started CrossFit but didn't go regularly due to work. This year after moving to Phoenix I started going 3/4 times a week. I started CrossFit because my wife was a coach and thought I might like it, turns out she was right!"

Lauren: "As an athlete growing up I wanted to continue my love of sports by pursuing a fitness career as a personal trainer. In college our basketball coach gave me my first taste of CrossFit for a couple weeks and I knew I always wanted to come back to it. CrossFit caught my attention because of the intensity, results and competitiveness. Fast forward to fall 2013- after we moved to Vegas I met a great Christian coach who was just starting a box and I was finally able to join CrossFit."

John: "Why did you get involved with coaching? What do you love most about it?"

Lauren: "I was already on the track for a fitness career. Once I began to CrossFit it started to shape my options about fitness and I knew I wanted to get certified to be able to coach. CrossFit, because of its functional movement, high intensity, variety, community, competitiveness and accountability is (in my opinion) one of the best avenues to use to improve health and fitness for anyone from elite athlete to someone who just wants to move more comfortability through life. I love that it compliments any goal or sport. It is so versatile."

John: "What are your favorite lifts? Least favorite?"

Jason: "I enjoy a back squat and clean and jerk. Least favorite is snatch."

Lauren: "I like the clean and jerk because there is just something powerful about it plus it's a full body workout! I'm not crazy about the deadlift because my back is sensitive to it but it is fun to throw a ton of weight around."

John: "What are you most excited about joining/coaching at Chuckwalla?"

Jason: "The family atmosphere and confidence in improving my all around strength and fitness."

Lauren: "Especially as a new mom I love the family atmosphere and that kids are included. There's just something to be said about families working out together. I also appreciate the vision John has for his box and the momentum and energy of the box as it moves forward to accomplish his ideas."

John: "Any closing thoughts?"

Lauren: "God answered prayers by bringing us to Chuckwalla."

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