Member Spotlight - Brian Adams

For this week's member spotlight please let me introduce to you, Brian Adams. You will find him coming in to a variety of class times (depending upon his work schedule working at GCU). Also, you will occasionally see his wife Stephanie make an appearance at the gym with their little dog Nash as well. This couple has been with us from the very beginning when we were working out in my single car garage. They have been a huge support in helping Chuckwalla become what it is today. Take a look at the interview I did with Brian....

John: Why did you want to start CrossFit?

Brian: I started CrossFit because I was looking for something different. I did "bootcamp" type workouts before and I really enjoyed having someone tell me what the workout is and not worrying about it. While I lost some weight, I never really got any stronger. Working out, for me anyways, is such a boring activity sometimes that I wanted something that would keep my attention.

John: Since starting what benefits have you gained from it?

Brian: I have definitely gotten stronger and more flexible. I'm not saying I was the least flexible person on earth, but probably close to it. I was always getting hurt and feeling uncomfortable after working out or playing basketball. I have definitely noticed a huge change in my ability to do different movements that I couldn't even come close to doing when I first started (overhead squat, snatch, clean, and front squat to be specific). John: What do you love most about Chuckwalla CrossFit and CrossFit in general?

Brian: CrossFit in general, I love that I just show up and do the workout that is planned out. I am a little competitive, so I also enjoying working out in a group to keep me working a little harder than I would by myself. For Chuckwalla, I love that I get to be a part of the beginning and to watch it grow. I started in John's garage and to now see new people every week is very cool. I also really appreciate that John takes a good amount of time at the beginning getting everyone stretched out. I have been to a few other CrossFit gyms and there is a noticeable difference in the warm-up/stretch time at Chuckwalla to prevent injury. John: What is your favorite lift?

Brian: My favorite lift is probably back or front squat. John: What is your least favorite lift?

Brian: This isn't a lift, but I really hate running. So anytime we have to run, I consider going home. John: That's hilarious, and I actually have those same thoughts! Running is not for everyone.

John: What goals do you currently have moving forward in CrossFit?

Brian: Really, my goals are just to continue to get better at the different lifts. Something about CrossFit is that you don't specialize in one thing (like bench or squat), but you work on everything to become a well-rounded athlete. I would also love to incorporate some of the things we have done at Chuckwalla into the workouts for my basketball teams going forward.

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