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This week our featured Member Spotlight is Sandi Killick! You may have met her on your first day here as she welcomed you with a warm smile coupled with a friendly conversation. Her outgoing energy along with her positive attitude makes you feel welcomed and at home when you come into the gym. You may have also seen her son Jake playing on the rings or in the kids area being extra helpful caring for the little ones. Her fiance Scott is a stellar dude himself and occasionally makes his way in to Chuckwalla. Please check out the little interview I did with Sandi....

John: What makes CrossFit different compared to other workouts you have done?

Sandi: I am a bit of a workout junkie so I have definitely done my fair share of different workouts from classes to running to weights in the gym. CrossFit is a great group motivational setting. I look forward to coming to do my CrossFit workouts and at times have a hard time even taking a day off from them. There is always a way that you can push yourself even harder whether its just trying to keep up with the best person in the gym at the time or just working for that gold star. I love how it is a great combination of strength and cardio. I love the gymnastics aspect which has been really fun to learn and get better at. There is always a goal to try for with CrossFit. Plus we are always smiling and having a good time while doing our workout which doesn't happen a lot with other workouts.

John: What do you love about Chuckwalla?

Sandi: I love the smaller group setting and how much of a community it is. It is always so nice to come on various days and see everyone to catch up with each other. I have made lots of great friends that are so motivational to workout with. My son always loves coming to CrossFit also because he feels so comfortable at Chuckwalla almost like its a second home for him. It is such a family place.

John: What is your least favorite lift or exercise?

Sandi: My least favorite would have to be pull ups or bench press. And I still have yet to find the love for Snatch. Lol

John: What is your most favorite?

Sandi: I love doing Deadlifts because I feel so strong when I am doing them. I also like handstand push ups. I will say too that Cleans are starting to grow on me as well.

John: What positive changes have you had (in your body or health or otherwise) since doing CrossFit?

Sandi: CrossFit has been such a positive change in my life. I have definitely gotten stronger and my body has become more defined. I have been able to take my son with me to workout which has been a great example for him to see what it means to be healthy and strong. He now wants to do CrossFit when he grows up and be stronger than mommy one day. It has motivated me to eat even healthier because the day after you eat bad you will definitely feel it in your workout. I have also after feeling all of the positive effects mentally and physically, refocused my Masters degree in Psychology by adding a health psychology emphasis so I can eventually be a health and wellness life coach for businesses to motivate others with their wellness goals.

John: What future goals do you have in the area of fitness/CrossFit?

Sandi: I really want to be able to do ring dips with no band one day. Actually I would love to be able to not have to use the bands to modify any exercise. I want to continue to get stronger and as a side goal I want to one day do a full marathon.

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