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Have you met the Hill's? Peter and Jennifer Hill have been with us since the beginning. They both selflessly serve our community. Jennifer is a nurse and Peter is a local firefighter. You may have also noticed their cute little boys Isaiah and Graham cruising the gym after class. Even though you may see Peter lifting ridiculous amounts of weight and Jen usually at the top of the leaderboard, they will be the first to encourage you in your own abilities. Let's get to know them a little more and see the short interview I did with them...

John: What's your athletic background?

Jennifer: I played a lot of sports growing up. In high school, I played volleyball, soccer, and ran track. In college, I mostly worked out at a gym and picked up running as a hobby until I was introduced to CrossFit.

Peter: I was never much of an athlete growing up but got into conventional weightlifting in high school.

John: How long have you been lifting? How long doing CrossFit?

Jennifer: I have been lifting weights roughly 6-7 years (inconsistently). I had never done any other barbell lifts besides back squats and deadlifts until I started doing CrossFit 5 years ago.

Peter: have been lifting for 16 years. Olympic lifting and CrossFit for a little over 8 years.

John: What's your favorite girl WOD? Favorite lift?

Jennifer: I like Helen (3 rounds for time: Run 400 meters 1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings, 12 Pull-ups)

Favorite lifts are tied between squat cleans and back squats.

Peter: Grace (30 clean and jerks for time) and Isabel (30 snatches for time) are my favorite, my favorite lift would be clean and jerk.

John: What's your least favorite of each?

Jennifer: Fran because the thrusters kill me. I'm also not much of a bench press fan because it's a weakness.

Peter: My least favorite would probably be Helen or anything with running, and I don't think there is any lift I do not like.

John: What do you like about Chuckwalla CrossFit?

Jennifer: I like so many things about Chuckwalla! The community, programming, and coaching are high quality. I love that I have a place to bring my kids so I can do something that I enjoy, and my kids can have fun too. Everyone is so friendly and genuine.

Peter: Chuckwalla CrossFit has a great atmosphere with a strong community, the workouts are programmed great and help me to be fit for my duties as a firefighter.

John: If you had the chance to compete in the CrossFit games what 3 movements would you hope for an event?

Jennifer: Air squats, handstand push ups, and double-unders.

Peter: Any Olympic lifting combination, push-ups or sled pushes would be great!

John: What goals in fitness or CrossFit do you currently have?

Jennifer: General fitness goal is that I'd like to get my diet in a better place. It's a little bit of a challenge with kids because I rely a lot on convenience. For CrossFit, I want to get a muscle up, do a 10 ft handstand walk, and back squat and deadlift 200+ pounds.

Peter: My current goal would be to find the best balance of strength and cardiovascular performance to make me a functional all around athlete.

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