Member Spotlight - Kendra Smith

Today's member spotlight goes to Kendra Smith!(right in photo) She is a hard working teacher and a regular at the woman's bootcamp. You will often see her younger sister Kailey (on the left in photo) right along her side as they step into the gym. When Kendra first came in like so many, was a little nervous not knowing what to expect. But now she has become a confident fitness participant at Chuckwalla CrossFit; An All-Star in my book.

Take a moment to get to know her more as you read this short interview I did with her....

John: "Kendra, How long have you been coming to Chuckwalla CrossFit to do the all woman's bootcamp?"

Kendra: "I have been coming to Chuckwalla since February 2016."

John: "What do you like about bootcamp?"

Kendra: "I like how supportive and open everyone is at the gym."

John: "How has it helped you?"

Kendra: "It's helped me be more confident and learn better ways to live. And to do a full sit up!"

John: "What are some goals you have for yourself this year?"

Kendra: "My goals this year is to be better at hanging bar things like knee ups or toes to bar. I want to be able to hang longer while doing those things. Also, I want to keep working on a higher box jump and not having to switch to step ups."

John: "What is your favorite exercise?"

Kendra: "My favorite exercises are the music ones like Bring Sally Up or Cha Cha Slide or Roxanne."

John: "What is your least favorite?"

Kendra: "Kettle bell swing - Tabata"

John: "What would you say to someone hesitant to trying?"

Kendra: "I would say just go for it! I was so nervous to work out in front of other people and I got over that very quickly. Everyone is super kind and focused. It's a good place to be! Also bring a friend. It's easier with someone there."

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