Taking Supplements

A lot of muscle magazines promise BIG results to get shredded with their supplement. We spent time with Coach John Hazdovac to get his take on whether they are beneficial or not.

Why do you want to take a supplement? A lot of times people are hoping for some silver bullet, there isn’t one. Apart from steroids, most supplements will only help by 1 - 2%. The best way to see gains with a fitness program is through a healthy diet - get enough fat, protein, and carbs. Make sure this is in balance with how much you’re working out.

What about protein shakes? I go back and forth with this. This is just supplementing food you need to eat, but don’t have time to get it in.

What can help me pre/post workout? I prefer 2 carbs to 1 protein after a workout. This is really based on how much you’re eating throughout the day and your fitness goals.

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