#MemberCrushMonday: Liz Brenci

Liz grew up playing sports and loving the outdoors. She loves to hike and snowboard, but had gotten into a boring and somewhat stagnant workout routine.

Then, she found Chuckwalla, and she is so thankful for the inspirational coaches and all the amazing members and friends she had made. According to Liz,

"You all make it such a positive place to challenge ourselves, learn from each other, and create healthy changes. Chuckwalla Strong!"

Her adorable son, Kellan (~4 mos), has started to join her at the gym and

we have a huge crush on him too!!

#EveryoneHasAPlace #ChuckwallaCrossFitCommunity #ChuckwallaStrong

#community #membercrush #chuckwallacrossfit #crossfit

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