#MemberCrushMonday: Katie Mohn

Katie is a lovely young lady that has been with us for about 14 months now! Her huge smile lights up her eyes and brightens anyone around her. Here is her story:

Born and raised in Peoria, Arizona. I went to Centennial High School and then went to NAU in Flagstaff for college! Flagstaff my all time favorite place in Arizona and I hope to move back there one day, but for now I live in Scottsdale. I have been teaching at 7th grade at Mountain View Elementary School for three years. And yes 7th graders are just as crazy as you would think. Its funny because usually everyone's response is, "I would never want to have to teach me as a 7th grader," and trust me I agree. I never envisioned my self teaching middle school but now something about the students just keeps calling me back for more. Don't get me wrong though, although I say that I love my job and my students there have been some really long days that have turned into long months. Fortunately, that is what brought me to the doors of Chuckwalla. My first year teaching was more difficult then I could ever imagine and half way through year two it was still really hard. That's when a Beth (my teacher best friend) and I decided we needed something to take our minds off school. Our initial thought was more happy hours, but that was not good for our teacher budget. Then we decided to search gyms in the area of the school because we had realized since starting work we were not doing anything for our selves feel good. We tried different gyms all around the area. Then we came to Chuckwalla swearing that this would be our last attempt at finding a gym we felt comfortable at. As you might know I am no Crossfit expert and other gyms did not seem very welcoming for new people with little experience. Just after my first time at Chuckwalla I knew that this gym was right, and the people were kind and made me feel completely comfortable. I can never explain it, but since going to the gym it has made anything at work or in my personal life not seem as bad. Going to Chuckwalla has a way of taking the stress out of life and replacing it with the motivation to go for the gold star. I just had to get that part about the gold stars in their because we all know that is my favorite part!

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