#MemberCrushMonday: Brian Blair

Brian is one of our newer members who joined us at the end of March. It inspires me every time I see him in the gym, exercising and getting strong even in his golden years! Then I read his story and became even more amazed at how he found Chuckwalla and the great goals he has for his retirement years. He has such a fun outlook on life. I hope I can be inspiring, positive, and strong when I am in my 60s too!

Here is his story:

I was born in Milwaukee WI. (That was a few workouts ago!) I'm 62 and retiring in a few months. In planning that I decided to fill a bucket list out. I want to do doing some fun things. One of the things I wanted is to get into shape. One day I saw some crazy people running outside of a building on Ruth Ave., while I was riding my bike past. I thought, "This could work for me." So wa-la, I started CrossFit at Chuckwalla.

I am a Purchase Care Examiner for the VA. Before that I spent 25 years as a Purchasing Manager for a Paint Manufacturer in Wisconsin. In 2009 I happened to be down in Phoenix on business and loved it! So we bought a condo and made the move. I've been married for 39 years and have two kids, Adam & Julia.

I have been talking up Chuckwalla to all my - boy i never thought i would say this- old geezer friends, encouraging them to try it! I have increased my strength, mobility and lost some weight working towards my goal.

You asked me what would surprise you? One of the things I use to do is coach Soccer for my kid's. I was younger and better shape then. I have 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and one bronze from coaching my teams in the Badger State Games. Fun time. I have many hobbies I enjoy.

What I want to get out of Chuckwalla is better health and to get in better shape because the first thing I'm planning is to walk the Grand Canyon next spring. Then tackle the AZ trail one step at a time. Next summer I'm also going to spend a month in Norway and one in Scotland. Figure I better get in shape for that too. After that who knows, but I'm sure it will be fun...

A special thanks to all the nice Walla-B's I've met at Chuckwalla. Their encouragement and kindness is a welcome sight for these old eyes!




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