#MemberCrushMonday: Chris Columbi

Today we are crushing on Chris, who is not only a member and athlete, but a founding member AND one of our coaches as well!

Chris is a lifelong resident of Arizona and he still hasn't seen the Grand Canyon! He says, "I really need to get there." By day he is an IT specialist, and by night he is an aspiring ninja warrior! He finds happiness in working out, which is also why he coaches. He enjoys helping others achieve that same feeling through fitness. Something that might surprise you is that Chris didn't start lifting weights until he was 32! That was not his first taste of fitness though, has he had been big into body weight exercise and track & field where he specialized in the 400m. He also enjoys drinking coffee and bourbon, usually separate. He is the father of two awesome girls, a proud UCLA dad and in his words, "husband to the amazing Theresa."

#EveryoneHasAPlace #ChuckwallaCrossFitCommunity #ChuckwallaStrong

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