#MemberCrushMonday: Chad McFarland

This week we are crushing on another one of our founding members! Chad & his wife Kristin​ joined Chuckwalla when John​ started it in his garage...in the summer. Chad says, "It was a blessing for us to be able to help get John's dreams off the ground. Most people won't ever take a shot at their dreams, but thankfully for all of us, John is not 'most people.'"

Chad was born in Indiana, and moved to Arizona when he was in 7th grade. After graduating from NAU, he took what he calls "possibly the strangest and best job on earth (for a season)" which was working for his fraternity for a year and a half. That job took him to 42 states, but once he met Kristin that all changed. Chad explains, "Traveling the country on a daily basis isn't really a great thing for a relationship. So in one month I quit my job, bought a condo in Phoenix, got a new job, and got engaged. We were married 7 months later, and a whole lot of life has been lived between then and now. We also now have 3 amazing boys that you all probably see climbing throughout the gym each week."

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