#MemberCrushMonday: Anthony Calhoun

Anthony, who is better known as Tony, is a regular 5:30am guy at Chuckwalla CrossFit. He started CrossFit about 4 years ago to get back into shape and do something more than just a "gym workout." The mix of exercises keep it exciting and make him want to come back day to day. This is the 3rd box that he has been a part of, but he says it's the best one! Tony feels like Chuckwalla CrossFit is one big family because everyone is happy to see you and help in any way!

At work Tony is a wealth strategist for JPMorgan Private Bank, and at play he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hanging out and going places. They love to have fun and see new things! This usually involves boating, camping, and skiing!

Tony met his wife, Nikki, in kindergarten! They did not start dating until they were reunited at their high-school reunion 20 years later. They also discovered that his dad and her uncle, who had both passed away, were best friends in grade school! Tony & Nikki have 2 boys with a third due in August!

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