#MemberCrushMonday: Sarah Tomich

Sarah is one of the sweetest ladies. I'm so glad she finally gave CrossFit a try and has joined our momma tribe at 9am! She joined her husband Ian as founding members of Chuckwalla CrossFit even though she had never done a WOD! In addition to overcoming some mental barriers about CrossFit, it also took a lot of encouragement from Ashley & Kristin, plus the benefit of childcare, for her to finally try CrossFit this February. Sarah says, "I always thought of the workouts being more for guys (NOT true!) and different than her usual workout routine."

A few months before she started CrossFit she was feeling stuck and too comfortable in her routine. She had spent the last few years working out with a local mom and kids group, and it was great! But she found she had outgrown it and wasn't getting the results she wanted from working out. Sarah shared that her start with CrossFit took her to that "uncomfortable" place. But she continued to say, "I realized the only way to get unstuck was to get uncomfortable... It's not easy for me, in fact some mornings I dread going. But that's only until I get there and see all of you pumped up, ready to work and get stronger. It's such an encouragement to me to see all of you there. Every class is different and they are all uncomfortable; I'm sore and tired when class is over, but I love it. I love that I am pushing myself and growing stronger physically and mentally. I have more confidence to push myself in everyday life and the challenges that brings. I'm learning to enjoy being uncomfortable! I love meeting new people at Chuckwalla and I am so thankful to a part of such a welcoming, encouraging and strong community. Thank you coaches and childcare workers for enabling me to be stronger!"

Sarah loves to be home with her husband and three kids (Madeleine, Westin and Etta). Not only does she enjoy getting to be with them, but also that they get to spend a lot of our time helping friends and building community. Everyday Sarah learns that being with people and investing in community is such an important part of life, and she relishes being able to invest in their church family & moms with young kids..

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