#MemberCrushMonday: Iraida Rodriguez

Today we are crushing on this strong lady, Iraida Rodriguez! Watching her form on HEAVY squats & deadlifts, you would never guess that she didn't play any sports or do any regular fitness activity until she was 30 years old! At the age of 30 she started CrossFit, and that was the first time she cared (and became serious about) her health, nutrition, and fitness. In fact it was after starting CrossFit that she quite smoking, a habit she began at 14 years old. She has been CrossFitting on and off for the last 8 years, and she loves it because of the constant physical and mental challenge.

Iraida says, "CrossFit has taught me a lot about patience and how much I lack it. I remember my first several months at CrossFit were so awkward and painful. Most of the time I would leave class feeling like I would never get the movements or get faster or stronger. Little by little movements began to click and I did get stronger. It was empowering and I’ve been able to translate that into other aspects of my life."

Iraida is of Puerto Rican descent, the youngest of 3 girls in her family and was raised in the Bronx, NY. Growing up she was very shy & introverted. She did her graduate studies in London and loves to travel and experience new places beyond the typical tourist attractions. Her job as an archaeologist with the National Park Service (documenting archaeological sites using 3D technology and GIS) is the perfect way for her enjoy her love of the outdoors and exploring beautiful places!

In 2008 she moved to Colorado and it exposed her to so many great things! Here the city girl became a mountain biker, hiker, crossfitter, powerlifter, trail runner and cross country skier. It was in Colorado at her first CrossFit gym that she met Shawn (also a Chuckwalla member), who is now her fiance. She loves that they share fitness as a common interest in their relationship. There have been many other lifelong friendships she has forged through the CrossFit community and she cherishes them deeply.

If she's not at CrossFit or work, she is usually spending her time with Shawn and Ranger (their fur baby).

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