#MemberCrushMonday: Amanda Pelkey

It all started when her brother signed her up for a Mud Run 5k! Learn more about how Chuckwalla CrossFit has helped our current #MemberCrushMonday, Amanda Pelkey, find the best version of herself. I remember when she started CrossFit, nervous & skeptical, those eyes once again "rolled to the back of her head." Her transformation has been one of my favorites, because it goes beyond body composition. Her mind has transformed, she believes that she is capable and isn't afraid to tackle any challenges. "Mind over matter" and "Stronger every day" are her mantras. Read on for her story...

"Finding CrossFit and Chuckwalla was a diamond in the rough for me. My brother and several of my family members have been athletic from the day I can remember, me on the other hand, the black sheep (I prefer to call myself the "colorful sheep!"). Last May 2016 my brother entered me into a Mud Run at the Mogollon Rim in Payson, AZ. It was a 5K and I promise you my eyes were rolled to the back of my head when he told me I was doing this with all of them-UGH. Needless to say I completed it and received my very first medal! Facebook must have recognized this, or something in our universe, because I was drawn to the Chuckwalla ad that John was promoting. I watched his short video and thought, "I can do this." Then Ashley reached out to me, welcoming me and encouraging me, (It's how Ashley made me feel!) to come try the free week, that kids are welcome, and this is a family friendly environment. I showed up on a Monday with my daughter Ava. Ashley was there to welcome me and talk with me. My first workout was at the 5:30pm class. I came everyday, sore or not I was coming. Then I joined!

This is when my journey I didn’t even know I was on began- I was a daily, heavy drinker & smoker. Every single day I was at Chuckwalla encouraged my journey more, I started drinking less and less and one day, I didn’t say a word to anyone about my “quitting” smoking. I didn’t want to be that person that said, "I quit" but went back 2wks later. I just did it. My boyfriend noticed about 3 days later and I told him “No talking about it, out of sight out of mind.” It's been well over a year and a half that I have quit. I need my sanity so I do still like to get fancy with adult beverages, but nothing like it was before.

About 2 weeks after I started Chuckwalla I took pictures of myself because I wanted to see if I noticed change. I changed my eating habits and thought process. I told/tell myself that this is, “The only thing you own right, the only thing that I can and have control of, your body.” Only I can make these changes and choices. I will be the only one to come down or criticize myself. My household has been nothing but supportive of this journey of mine. My boyfriend Jeff is amazing and a true blessing to me. He encourages me to keep going, he compliments me on all the work and changes I have done. Home support is so important. It’s made a better version of me which turns into a better version of US! So with that, I kept moving forward. I have now done 3 Mud Runs, 1 ShePower 5k w/ Audrey (such a gem of a friend, she knew I wanted this medal so she ran it with me!). I get to do my first team CrossFit competition with Bernie & MG from the box (New WODs on the Block!). I am registered for 2017 Grand Canyon ½ Marathon 1wk before I turn the BIG 40!! And I get to be on the team, not just volunteering this time for Ragnar McDowell Mountain this November... I am running... Honestly, who would have thought?

I’m a single divorced mother of 2. I have a 17 1/2yr old Daughter Vanessa that’s a senior this year and a 10 year daughter Ava that is in 5th grade. They are my world, my most favorite humans. Both my children are from 2 different marriages, but same baby daddy :) I get to be one of those people that gets to say, "Yes, I married the same person twice!” It’s not all that great, FYI!.

Besides the love for my family, friends & now Chuckwalla, my heart has always loved the outdoors. My favorite are the trees, the air blowing thru them, and I feel like the trees talk to us (me) if you speak to them. I love to just look up into them like people look into the stars. It’s my happy place, the forest, trees, nature and no people. I love to adventure with my boyfriend, have no plan, we just go where we go, no schedule, we are just free as the breeze to do as we please!

At the end of the day all I want is a nice, simple & healthy life for myself, family and friends. I just do me and not compete or compare with others, that’s not enjoyable. I have met some pretty awesome people there over the last year and hope to keep meeting more. I feel blessed by Chuckwalla and I’m so very thankful for you all.

Thank you for making and showing me a better version of me!"

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