#MemberCrushMonday: Daren Rodhouse

This morning we bring your our current crush, Daren Rodhouse!! Happy and fun are great ways to describe him. He usually hits the 5:30am class, saying, "Working out is one of the best ways for me to start my day, when I can actually get up. You can't have a bad day if you've already got a good workout in!" It makes sense then that he actually enjoys mornings and coffee.

He likes CrossFit specifically because all he has to do is get to class, then the group setting takes over and pushes and motivates him in ways that wouldn't happen if he was by himself doing his own thing. Daren also loves the focus of getting movements right, because then he feels 100xs better when he plays other sports. In fact, Daren plays in a recreational baseball league on the Salt River Rockies and he is a big Diamondback and Suns fan. Hiking is his other favorite form of fitness.

I don't know how this man does it all, working in IT at Honeywell by day and also owning a sunscreen company, MrPoolParty, with his buddy (and Chuckwalla member) Emilio. Their company keeps them busy throwing the biggest and best pool parties! Daren also enjoys his happy hour, especially at Joyride and Zipps.

There is a nerdy side to Daren, including his gamer tag tattooed on his thumb, and his love of Game of Thrones. He is truly all fun and games!

Remember, MrPoolParty sunscreen is great for the whole family! And Chuckwalla CrossFit is a retailer.

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