#MemberCrushMonday: Aaron Vessey

This Monday has us crushin' on a really cool dude!! Aaron Vessey!

Born in Aberdeen, Washington, he moved to Phoenix in 1997. One year later he met Liz, and they married in 2004! (She's also a member). They have 2 dogs and 1 cat.

This is the guy who has been in a band. Not just a band. Multiple bands. And awesome bands. In fact from 1999 - 2003 he was in a metal band with another of our members, Songgi Kim! Check out their music!!!

At the age of 12 Aaron started playing Bass guitar. Today he still plays in a 90's alt rock band, Foo fighters tribute band, Nirvana tribute band, and plays Jazz at Paradise Valley Community College combo class.

As if being a talented musician wasn't awesome enough, Aaron has a number of other unique hobbies:

>> At 25 he started fencing & did that for 10 years

>> He brews beer, mead & sometimes wine

>> He enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, reading books and beer.

And of course he tops it all off with CrossFit. Aaron started CrossFit in January of 2016. He does it because, "Its challenging, fun, a great community of people, [you] get to throw some heavy weight around, and beer taste better after a WOD."

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