#MemberCrushMonday: Sarah Kane

August marked 6 months together with Sarah and we are safe to say it's a long term relationship. In February Sarah tried CrossFit for the first time in order to push herself out of her comfort zone, get in shape and gain confidence overall. She admits, "Its a work in progress.. :)" Growing up, she was never really into sports but she always wanted to find something that she was passionate about. After moving to Phoenix she would go to the gym and pretty much stick to cardio because the weight room really intimidated her! This meant she had ZERO muscle strength! She thought CrossFit seemed interesting and always wanted to try it to find out what the hype was all about. Sarah reports, "Now I understand. I'm so glad I found Chuckwalla, everyone has always been so friendly to me and I really feel like the Chuckwalla community cares and pushes each other to be better every day. Its really nice to see!"

In real life Sarah is a Compliance Analyst with PayPal. This basically means that she spends her day investigating accounts to determine and report financial crime occurring on their platform. Sarah explains, "I find it really rewarding, especially when we're able to shut down and report accounts that are involved in potential terrorist financing. I'm constantly having to stay up to date on emerging fraud trends and try to keep a step ahead of criminals!"

What you might not know about Sarah is that she was born and raised in England! She moved here in 2001, and most of her family still lives there. This Thursday she is actually flying back there to surprise two of her best friends at their wedding reception and she's so excited! (I hope they don't read this!! Haha)

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