#MemberCrushMonday: Kristin McFarland

Today our #MemberCrushMonday is a founding member and long-time friend of the Hazdovacs, Kristin McFarland!

She is an Arizonian. Kristin loves helping and encouraging people. Her job as a registered nurse gives her opportunity serve others, which she also loves to do.

She has been married to Chad, also a member, for almost 12 years, and says they have been the best years of her life! They travel and have done many fun things. Recently they became aware of the adventure and fun of hiking and camping right here in Arizona. They have 3 adventurous boys to keep up with who thrive outside. So they love going on adventurous journeys as a family or a couple.

Kristin has known Ashley since preschool! They went through high-school together, and then Chadwick ended up in college with Ashley. It was Ashley who set Kristin up with him. Kristin met John early in his relationship with Ashley and when he wrote Ashley a love rap, Kristin knew John was perfect for Ashley, and was blessed to be at their wedding in Maui. They have lived in different cities and states for many years but always remained close, so Kristin was super blessed that the Hazdovacs decided to put down roots in Arizona!

The McFarlands have both have been part of Chuckwalla since the beginning, and this is what Kristin has to say about growing with Chuckwalla CrossFit:

“'I hate working out.'

That used to be my saying. Until Ashley and John started Chuckwalla. Well, I have to be honest, I start coming to be a part of my friends lives to love and support them. However, over the years I have found a new enjoyment for working out. It really did take years. Most of the time, I show up to be with the community, but by the end of the hour there is a change in my attitude because of the accomplishment that comes with completing a WOD. It helps me physically and mentally to show up and work out.

Chuckwalla makes Chad and I stronger for the memories that we make as a family. Because of Chuckwalla I was able to complete a Ragnar trail race. Also, Chad and I together completed Spartan and a hiking day trip down into the Grand Canyon. Our marriage continues to thrive because of these memories. Thank you John and Ash and the Chuckwalla family!"

Kristin we are glad you keep coming back and that you make our community brighter.

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