#MemberCrushMonday: Ian Tomich

Ian Tomich is our #MemberCrushMonday this week. He was also a founding member! He's a regular at the 8 or 9am class, makes the best WOD faces, and has a contagious excitement and energy about CrossFit.

I'm going to let him tell you his story, which I promise will have you laughing!

"I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I am the proud father of 3 beautiful young children (Madeline, Westin, and Etta), and the husband of 1 amazing wife (Sarah). I own a small business, so I get to enjoy as many unpaid hours off as I want for my favorite activities: hiking, coffee, trail running, coffee, tortoises, coffee, (yes, I said tortoises), coffee, dating my wife, coffee, etc. Yes, I drink a lot of coffee, and yes, I have a lot of pet tortoises. I got into them when I found a baby one when I was a young boy; I fell in love. Maybe it’s because they’re like little dinosaurs, maybe it’s because they don’t scream at me or require me to change their diapers, or maybe it’s because I can sell their babies and buy my wife some sweet Lululemon pants. Regardless of the reason, I really like them and now have a very large collection which I breed and sell to hobbyists, collectors, and zoos across the country.

I started doing CrossFit so my wife wouldn’t get too much hotter than me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I accepted the reality that she is hotter than me a long time ago, but I still try to keep up.

In the beginning, we supported John and Ashley’s dream of starting the gym by joining as founding members, but after going to one class in their garage, trying to show myself how strong I still was, I found myself unable walk normally or straighten my arms for about 10 days. I was scared to return. Then Sarah got into it this past winter, with serious commitment. I was really proud of my wife and very impressed by her strength and improvement. I wanted to keep up, so a few months later, I slowly started joining her at the gym. I took it easy, being careful not to hurt myself, and now enjoy going 4-5 times a week. I live sore and I love it. I love how much I’ve improved in my strength, my confidence, my overall health, and even in my dental flossing! I feel like CrossFit has provided me a new enjoyment and drive in life and has caused me to “step it up” in other aspects of my life that go well beyond the gym. Chuckwalla gives me a place that I can enjoy constantly pushing further, encouraging those around me to go harder and drive deeper, then secretly try to outdo them and push one rep past them! ;-)

See you at the gym and beyond."

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