#MemberCrushMonday: Christina Hathaway

Today's #MemberCrushMonday is Christina Hathaway!!

Here is a little about her-

"I’m an Account Executive for Edmunds.com but my previous life is as a State Licensed Marriage And Family therapist. I specialized in childhood trauma and PTSD as well as adolescent eating disorders. I took a break from therapy about a year and a half ago for my own emotional health.

I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA and moved here in elementary school.

I’m a professionally trained dancer since age 3. Most people think I played sports but I’ve actually never played a conventional sport in my life lol. I was given the opportunity to cheer at a junior college and then dance for the Hip Hop Squad at Arizona State University. I had a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, both from Arizona State!

I love sports! I’m a huge ASU football fan and love the Diamondbacks, Raiders, and Lakers. I enjoy watching sports and going to events. I also enjoy riding my beach cruiser around Central Phoenix with my Mark! (PS: Mark is one of our members too!) We enjoy going to social events, traveling to new states and countries, and love going to music festivals!

I started Crossfit after my HIIT gym changed their scheduling. I live one block north of Chuck so I ran over one day and tried it out. I was shocked when I was the last person done with the metcon because at my previous gym I would always finish first. I knew that this was going to be something great and challenging. I have never pushed myself to go faster or lift stronger.. I love all of the complexities that CrossFit has. More importantly I love the community and friendship! I’m excited to compete within the next month! I made a goal to compete within the first year of starting Crossfit so I’m excited to do that!

I really enjoy fitness. I’m also a certified Zumba instructor and will be starting to teach again soon! I also take hot yoga and enjoy going to open gym to do circuit training."

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