Leak Proof Your Life

"Leak Proof Your Life!"

I was so glad to see this article in the Nov 2017 issue of Parents Magazine, and for being a surface level educational piece, it offered some excellent information!

"If you pee your pants more often than a toddler, these proven strategies will help you put an end to your embarrassment once and for all."

Highlights from the article:

* Acknowledgement that leaking urine is common for women! "About half of women in the U.S. experience incontinence, and both pregnancy and childbirth can bring it on and worsen it..."

* "Frequent 'just in case trips' to the bathroom can also train the body to release urine at the slightest provocation."


"But with know-how and diligence, incontinence is preventable and treatable."

* Practical strategies for staying dry: 1) "Master your kegel moves". Yes I know kegels aren't for everyone, aren't usually done right, and could actually worsen symptoms.... BUT the article addresses that! It describes how they are done incorrectly, how to do them correctly (easiest to try when laying down!) and then expanded with 3 more advanced kegel moves including applying the kegel to exercise. This is much like Julie Wiebe, PT's Piston Science that we teach at our workshops.

2) "Pretty much any mom who's pushed out a baby could benefit from an assessment by a pelvic-floor therapist, who can determine whether your Kegels are effective, chart your progress, and tailor a workout routine to your particular problems." I wish they just left out the "pushed out a baby" part, because c-section moms need pelvic floor PT too!!

3) Then they discussed "discreet little helpers" such as pads, absorbent underwear, and the pessary, which can have their place especially during re-training, which can take up to 6 months.

4) Finally they did mention surgical options, as a last resort if you've tried Kegels and pelvic-floor PT without success.

Overall I was pretty happy with the article and the fact that they are normalizing the discussion about incontinence and getting information about treatment/prevention to moms! That is so important, and that is the messaging that needs to be spread. We need to stop with the "you have to live this way because you're a mom" messaging.

If you want to know more about preventing or treating incontinence especially during pregnancy/postpartum, please talk to Coach Lauren or attend one of our Pregnancy & Postpartum Core Connections Workshops. (Next one Nov 4, 2017 at CrossFit Fury)

Thank you Corrie Pikul of Parents Magazine for your article!

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