#MemberCrushMonday: Jane Min

Jane is courageous.

And today she is our #MemberCrushMonday! Learn about her and how CrossFit has changed her life because she challenged herself to get out of her comfort zone, which has made her a stronger person, wife & mother.

Jane is a Korean American from Northern California. She says she could eat Korean food everyday- that and bread! Married to Kevin, they have a 1.5 year old son, Judah, who keeps them pretty busy! She is a 4th grade teacher. When she finds free time she likes to spend it with good food and good company!

She never really enjoyed fitness or exercising, but here is what she has to say about CrossFit:

"It may sound a little bizarre, but walking into Chuckwalla has got to be one of the boldest things I’ve ever done. I’m an introvert, so new settings, people, challenges and such can be somewhat daunting for me. So, as someone who has hated exercise for most of my life, what made me take the plunge?

In 2016, I had my son almost ten weeks early and out of all the unexpected things that situation came with, my postpartum anxiety was probably the most unexpected and difficult thing I was forced to deal with.

This past July marked one year from when my anxiety really began and the mark of when I finally started feeling more like my real self. I challenged myself to be put in new situations that would stretch and strengthen me. Chuckwalla seemed like the perfect fit. I researched many different classes and gyms but Chuckwalla seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Challenging, family friendly, encouraging coaches and community, and of course, support for mamas.

I love how CrossFit completely takes me out of comfort zone in every class and I know I’m being challenged physically and mentally. I know I’m doing my family and myself a huge favor by taking care of my mind and body.

Thanks to the coaches who have been so patient with me, the members who encourage me, and the ones who watch my crying boy, you have helped change my life in an incredible way."

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