#MemberCrushMonday: Susan Hubbard

Introducing today's #MemberCrushMonday, Susan Hubbard!!

Here is her story:

"I am the youngest of seven children, born and raised in Phoenix. I own my own Insurance agency and work many long days but enjoy the flexibility I have to create my own schedule and be there for my family and children which are the most important to me.

I have three children, my oldest is 25 this November and an avid Hockey player and an amazing young man. My son Ashton is 10, has Autism and is the smartest and most loving boy. My Daughter Paityn is 7 and going on 16, very gifted academically and my little sweetheart every day. My other half is supportive, kind, smart and makes my days that much better.

My passion is swimming and I swam at a young age all the way through college. I was just a year and a half old when my mom would take all of us to the public “Washington Pool” and when I saw the pool I used to run and just jump in over and over without anyone there to catch me. My mom said I would do that the entire time even if she or my siblings weren’t in the pool with me. I think it was then I fell in love with the sport. My youngest two both swim year round as well and I hope they have the passion and love I have for this sport. I see the talent they both have and the joy it brings to them. I also did many triathlons in my college years and after (running was a bear-LOL). I also enjoy golf and proud to say I taught my oldest how to play. I wanted him to take lessons when he was younger and he told me it was boring, at 17 he asked me to teach him, for a year I took him to the driving range, then finally took him to play a round on an actual course. His game was little rusty, rushed for the first four holes, couple pointers and he rocked it-making me proud and by the way….hockey players can golf!

Outside of Cross Fit I work too much, enlighten my children’s life as much as possible, go to sporting events, concerts are my favorite and try new local restaurants to support local business.

I enjoy Cross Fit because every day the workout is different and challenging, something I have missed in some time. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself. The workout is such a stress reliever and I always feel accomplished after my workouts, even if it’s a little something I improved on.

I was a swim pro out of college, coached swimmers that were top 10 in the Country and appreciate what effort and dedication coaches have. Thank you Chuckwalla coaches you inspire all of us daily."

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