#MemberCrushMonday: Joel Fritz

Our #MemberCrushMonday is Joel Fritz! 

​He has been there since the hot sweaty beginning in John's garage, and that is one of the things he loves about Chuckwalla CrossFit. As Joel tells it, "John had a crazy idea and asked his friends to join him. My wife and I paid him to workout, in his garage, at 5:30pm in 110 degrees, because it was his dream!" By October of that year, Joel was one of those friends who got to see that dream become reality, when Chuckwalla CrossFit opened up in its current location. Joel finished out 2015 but then in 2016 he put CrossFit on the back burner. He was remodeling their house and his wife had started back into her real estate business. With 3 kids at home, he opted out of gym, a choice he didn't like but it had to happen. The beginning of 2017 found him back at Chuckwalla. He'd show up once a week, then twice a week, and now he is pretty happy to say he has been coming three times a week and achieving some goals!

Joel loves life, loves his wife Kristen, loves their 3 little girls, and loves Jesus. He gets to hang out with people and tell stories as a career. This storytelling takes him walking along with people through life. He gets to challenge his team and individuals to be their best.

Although he was born in Tuscon, he said he feels like a "fish out of water" in the desert because the salt water and water sports are his passion. Living for a short time in Hawaii and California helped grow his love for water sports. He has even swam in the Amazon River with Piranhas!! Mountain biking is the other activity that he loves. As you might guess he loves adventure!

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