#MemberCrushMonday: Lisa Czaja

The #MemberCrushMonday this week is Lisa Czaja!

Her whole life she has been up and down with weight and physical activity. One time she drove by the sandwich sign for Chuckwalla off Central and said to herself, "What the heck is CrossFit? Maybe I should man up a pair and stop in?!" Day 1 of CrossFit she shows up with a broken wrist from trying out roller derby at 41 years old, which she says was a bad idea! As she has gotten older, Lisa has realized how important it is to keep the body and mind moving. Between the friendships she has formed, the limits she has challenged and the release she feels after the WOD, CrossFit has helped keep her grounded and made her a happier person. Lisa says, "Finding John and Chuckwalla has been one of the best relationship I have made for myself. Thank you to all of you for pushing me and supporting me in my fitness health!"

She ran on our Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountain this year, and that is the first time she has done anything like that! But she wants to be clear that just because she accomplished that does NOT mean she wants to be associated with liking running.

Lisa moved to Arizona in 1976 when she was 2. She went to NAU for teaching, and currently is a teacher of students with Autism in K-2nd Grade. She is also a volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society, mostly in shelter surgery.

Lisa is a single mom with an awesome 11 year old daughter, Stella, who you might see at the gym with her.

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