#MemberCrushMonday: Josh Lax

We kick off 2018 with our first #MemberCrushMonday of the year: Josh Lax!!

Josh works in software, specifically for trucking companies. Their software monitors driver performance and helps transportation companies to coach their drivers to be more productive and safe.

A fun fact about Josh is that he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when Kansas beat Memphis in the NCAA men’s basketball championship game. Memphis is his alma mater, and while he did not play basketball for them, he did play some football!

In his free time he likes to hunt, fish, and camp! He makes a goal to get to the woods a few times a year. He also likes to travel and experience new things.

Josh chose to CrossFit for the competitive nature of group workouts and the individual instruction. He also likes the workout variety and the effectiveness, saying it is a very efficient use of time

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