#MemberCrushMonday: James Hyde

James Hyde​ takes our #MemberCrushMonday title this week! You'll usually see him with the early birds at 5:30am.

He is currently active duty U.S. Navy​ until the end of March, giving him almost 9 years in the Navy. Currently he works as a local advertising and marketing manager for the Navy Recruiting District, promoting the Navy and evaluating new personnel. When he separates from the Navy, he will be a full time student at GCU to finish his degree in Biomedical Engineering.

James is a huge tech person! He built his first computer at 13, and learned how to tear a part a iPhone and build it back together in no time! He is also fully bi-lingual in Spanish as it was his first language because his mother is from Sonora, Mexico and his father was from Huntington Beach, CA.

Spending time with his family and/or outdoors in any kind of way- from fishing, kayaking, or even hunting (just started learning), is what he enjoys the most! He also loves music and playing guitar.

James chose to do CrossFit because he always love a challenge and being in a place that holds competition in many different ways. He says, "There is something about the vibe in the gym that you can not find elsewhere. Everyone is so positive and happy, even when they are pushing you past your limits. Being part of the military, you are so accustom to being part of a team and every workout I have been a part of so far, is just that!!"

He wants to give a shout-out to Dorina Zwar​, because she was the one that encouraged him to be a part of Chuckwalla CrossFit!!

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