#MemberCrushMonday: Robyn Avila

Today has us with a #MemberCrushMonday on Robyn Avila! If you knew her you might describe her as fantastically witty and sarcastic.

Robyn is a senior at Grand Canyon University studying Communications with a minor in Philosophy. She heard about Chuckwalla from one of her professors there and figured, "If he could handle it, then maybe I could too!" (You didn't hear it from us, but you might know this professor, Joshua Danaher.) So she came in for the free week trial and has been here ever since. In addition to school she works part-time at P.F. Chang's at the Norterra shopping center.

One thing she really enjoys doing outside of school/work is going to concerts. Robyn describes, "The anticipation of a show drives me to do better in class and gives me something to look forward to. I think it's perplexing yet fascinating how people from such diverse political/religious/socioeconomic backgrounds can congregate together for a night to mutually enjoy an artist or band. I've been to 50+ shows (and don't plan on stopping anytime soon) and highly recommend catching Coldplay or Imagine Dragons live. Their performances are absolutely phenomenal!"

Robyn explained that GCU has grown exponentially since she first got there, so the on-campus gyms are always packed and it's hard to have a well-rounded workout, which is why she does CrossFit. She enjoys being able to show up with everything planned and having coaches who are willing to help her grow. After she graduates she wants to become a police officer, so she knows the experience of CrossFit has helped her become stronger and boost her stamina.

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