#MemberCrushMonday: E

This week our #MemberCrushMonday is E.!! While he is fun fun fun, and super nice, he also has super high expectations that make him very successful. I hope you all enjoy getting to know him better!

E is Co-owner and Founder of MrPoolParty LLC, along with his business partner, Co-owner and Founder, Daren Rodhouse (also a Chuckwalla member). MrPoolParty is an Arizona based brand specializing in organic sunscreen and event hosting. (PS: We sell his sunscreen and lip balm right at Chuckwalla!! It's the best sunscreen to have on hand for all your fun in the sun.)

A fun fact about E is that he is in Human Resources Management for a major health company and is well rounded with anything and everything Human Resources. With 15 years of HR under his belt, he specializes in Leadership Development and Training, Employee Relations, teaching Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Compliance, Policy creation and implementation, etc. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that he is the proud inventor of the Excitement Hop™. Ask him to demonstrate (best if done at pool parties).

Emilio is a social butterfly and in his free time, he enjoys the following:

E is strong in his Episcopalian faith and believes everyone should love themselves exactly for who they are. Just as importantly, E believes everyone should know how to do the Bend and Snap, after all, it is super fun! He also loves spending quality time with his friends and family, who mean the world to him.

E chose to do Crossfit for the social aspect and to ensure he can eat all the tacos that come his way (let’s just be honest). Oh, and to be healthy too of course!

Regardless of how his image may perceive him to be, E is a humble man who most certainly enjoys life and is the best friend that “…anybody could ever have!”

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