#MemberCrushMonday: Austin Rasmusson

This week we have a #MemberCrushMonday on Austin Rasmusson!

Austin works in public accounting as an auditor. He says he loves his job because it has allowed him to travel all throughout the country and to Central America. The downside of his job is that he sits around most of the time and stares at a computer screen. For Austin, that's the reason he joined Chuckwalla: to incorporate more physical activity into his life. He says, "I've really enjoyed the variation and its the first gym I've been to where I look forward to going. My goal this year is to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, which I know I couldn't have done before starting Cross-fit."

You may not know that he used to be an avid rock climber - but get this, he is terrified of heights! Austin has climbed all over the Western states and figures type 2 fun is the best fun, anyway. He has been a scuba diver since he was a kid, traveling throughout the Caribbean diving one island after another, as well as up and down the California coast. As you can tell, he enjoys spending his free time outdoors. He explores the desert and mountains with his Jeep, going camping or exploring just about every weekend.

He is originally from South Orange County, California but has lived from one coast to the next. Arizona has only been home for a couple of years now and other than for the occasionally warm summer day, he has really enjoyed what Arizona has to offer.

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