#MemberCrushMonday: Ellesse Bray

Our #MemberCrushMonday is on Ellesse Bray, and she is going to share her a little bit about her fitness journey, perspective on CrossFit, and learning from failure.

"I believe it was July of 2016 when I finally decided to do the free week trial at Chuckwalla. I'd seen John's video ad pop up too many times on my Facebook feed and decided I needed to shut that down and just sign up already. I remember thinking that I’d like it better than LA Fitness because, despite what you might see me doing at the gym these days, I fitness better in a group and I need the workout decided for me: you have to tell me what to do because... I'm special. (It's true; I have an app for counting plates because i'm atrocious at math. Thank God for the teachers at our gym!)

What I honestly appreciate about CrossFit is the "constantly varied" aspect. The very concept of being "CROSS FIT" is to essentially be a jack of all trades, ace of none. You’re part runner, part lifter, part gymnast, all athlete. As someone who hopes to be a first responder, this appeals to me because whenever possible, I want to make the unknown known by being as prepared as possible. I always imagine myself in a situation where I need to lift/move something that weighs x-amount of lbs. and immediately I can categorize that as something I can or cannot do- making it a KNOWN factor. The more I do CrossFit, even as an amateur athlete, I know I can do a little of everything decently as opposed to being good at just one thing. And I love that this level looks different for everyone. So when I tell someone that "Literally ANYONE can do CrossFit", it's sincere, even if they don't believe me.

Before the New Year I adopted a phrase- a "life thesis" if you will- attempt, learn, and move on (A.L.A.M.O.). It basically serves to say no matter what lies in front of you (pull-ups, squats, burpees (which are a favorite), business meeting, tough conversation, uncomfortable work environment, relationships, etc) you have to try- face it head on- and you'll either win/succeed/PR or learn from the failure and have a better expectation for your next attempt. I think every level of athlete has faced some skill, having failed at it before, and hated the thought of having to try it again (for me this is double unders). But I also think every athlete has experienced crossing that threshold where you approach that same skill, this time knowing you CAN do it, and your confidence grows 3 sizes that day. Those little accomplishments kept me coming back and they're why I'm still here."

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