#MemberCrushMonday: MG Vanover

Our #MemberCrushMonday has us learning the legend of MG Vanover as told by the lady herself:


I was never into sports or physically active until I was 31 when I tried out for roller derby. I skated in the AZ Derby Dames banked track league for 8 years, and trained "Fresh Meat" skaters both on and off skates for 5 years. (Recently retired.) Through derby I developed a love of fitness, and a love for training and coaching. I decided I wanted to make fitness my career, so I quit my day job to pursue a fitness degree full time. I had been curious about CrossFit for a long time, but didn't do my first WOD until a couple of years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I love the intensity, and the variety. I'm super ADD, so I love that the workouts never get stale or boring.

I got my Level 1 in 2016 over my birthday weekend, and found John and Chuckwalla through their Facebook ad shortly after. John gave me a chance and took me on as an apprentice, and the rest is history! Last May I graduated from Scottsdale Community College with an Associates in Exercise Science, and have been an official on-staff coach here at Chuckwalla for about a year now.

In addition to coaching CrossFit, I work for Health Fitness as an on-call sub fitness associate in their corporate fitness centers at Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna. I am also a delivery driver for Scratch Culinary Meal Prep (AMAZING food, and balanced macros in specific calorie counted portions.) All of this, AND I'm working on getting my own business, Lunatik Fitness going, and plan to open my own CrossFit box one day.

There's so much to love about coaching, it's hard to say what my favorite thing is. I love seeing athletes grow and improve. I love helping people see and realize their potential and help them reach their goals. I love sharing my own fitness journey to help relate with athletes on their journey. I love learning from the other coaches, and John, Lauren, and Songgi have taught me sooooo much. Every single person that has walked through Chuckwalla has helped me become a better coach, and a better human in one way or another, and I appreciate that more than they'll ever know.

What surprises a lot of people is that I have two adult children; Jacinda, 22, and Glenn, 19. Jacinda (Lady Spawn) is a full time side show/burlesque entertainer as well as an alternative model. She performs all over the country with a variety of different troupes, and was recently published in Gothesque magazine. Glenn is a proud geek; he's an aspiring artist and writer, and wants to get into voice-over acting (you should hear his impressions). He's starting school in the fall at Estrella Mountain. I've also been married for 8 years to a crazy bearded bald guy named Derek. He's been the best step dad to my two Spawn. My family is weird, silly, creative, and nerdy. Really unconventional, but super close, and I'd have it no other way!

I'm a huge music fan, especially METAL! I was even in a metal band briefly as a singer and guitarist. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, so I'm all about everything from thrash, death metal and black metal, to LA glam, symphonic, folk, and gothic metal. When I'm not working, or mom-ing, I love doing anything fun, crazy, or creative. Crafting, crocheting, karaoke, dancing, live music, drag shows, supporting my Lady Spawn at her local shows, hiking, and I LOVE OCR/mud races. I've now completed 2 Spartan Sprints, 2 Flagstaff Terrain Races, 2 Rugged Maniacs, and 1 Warrior Dash. I'm gonna be 40 this year, but have zero intentions of settling down and growing old on the couch.

My brand philosophy is "Strength, Love, Metal." Strength referring to not just physical strength building, but mental toughness and emotional strength in the gym and in life. Metal refers to the rebellious, relentless attitude of heavy metal; rising through adversity and attacking things with that intensity and passion. Love is what holds all of it together; love for the journey, love for the self, and sharing that love with the community. These are principles I strive for in my journey, and try to convey with my coaching. I see a lot of similarities between the CrossFit and metal communities. Both were misunderstood and seen as "trends" or "phases" but have since proven their validity and longevity. Both have had to fight for acceptance from the "status quo" of their respective industries. Both are fiercely loyal and supportive. If a metalhead meets another metalhead, they immediately share a bond and connect as family, and I see the same among Crossfitters. It's about being your best self and unconditional community support. No matter where you are in your journey, everyone goes through it together. Crossfit is the metal of the fitness world, and it's awesome!"

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