#MemberCrushMonday: Ben Leech

This Monday we introduce you to our #MemberCrushMonday: Ben Leech!

Ben was born in Cleveland, Ohio. This June will mark 15 years since his parents moved the family (mom, dad, sister and himself) here to Arizona. Even though the rest of their extended family has stayed in Ohio, Ben and his family are content in Arizona and don't miss the cold and snow.

Fun, adventure, happiness. This is Ben. Some of his favorite things are the hustle and bustle activities such as hiking, camping in National Parks, theme/amusement parks, traveling, basketball, sports & playing with his parent's dog. He also enjoys simple things like cooking, watching sports and movies, hanging with friends, doing family activities, playing board games, bike rides. As you can imagine by reading his bio so far, he enjoys seeing people smile and be happy!

This love of adventure and travel has already taken him to 39 states and 9 countries! His goal is to see all 50 states and at least 20 countries.

And even though his is a thrill seeker & daredevil, he has a big fear of heights! This has not stopped him from skydiving, twice!! And he has been to about every major roller coaster theme park in the USA!

His other love is sports! Especially his Cleveland sports teams and alma mater University of Arizona, #BearDown! Basketball is his favorite, as his dad has been both a coach and official for 30+ years! If you want to talk ball, you know who to go to. Ben has a wide knowledge and love for the game. He himself officiates college basketball and has a goal of working the NCAA tournament within the next 10-15 years.

Ben does CrossFit for three reasons: First, he enjoys the community vibe that comes with Crossfit. Growing up playing competitive team sports as a teenager and in college, this community atmosphere is especially important to him. Second, he loves the feeling of seeing not only personal accomplishments achieved for himself but also seeing friends/members within a gym break through the barrier to accomplish their goals too! Third, it keeps him active, healthy & in tremendous shape for his short and long term goals!

If he is not at Chuckwalla, try to catch him on a local trail, such as Dreamy Draw or Camelback Mountain or out trying new local food/restaurants.

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