#MemberCrushMonday: Megan Floyd

Our #MemberCrushMonday today is Megan Floyd!

She is a senior at Grand Canyon University and is very excited to graduate and use her degree to help provide resources and restore dignity to marginalized communities! Originally from east Tennessee, Megan came to Phoenix for school and hopes to stay here a few more years post graduation! She leads Young Life in Central Phoenix and has a job at a small grass-roots non profit.

Even though she is an introvert, she loves to gather people together whenever she can, especially around a table; hosting big meals and pot-lucks is a favorite pastime of hers! And she loves to get out of her comfort zone and try new things such as traveling, going to concerts of bands she's never heard of, bouldering, trying new recipes, dance lessons, or any kind of Olympic lift! Megan also enjoys learning through reading and listening to podcasts of all sorts.

Megan does CrossFit because it is empowering. She says, "I used to have a pretty bad relationship with food and body in high school through my first few years of college. As I believe it is for a lot of people, working out was done only as punishment for all the 'bad' things I ate that day, or to reach some unrealistic goal based on image. CrossFit has been one of the few workouts I've done that is based on reaching true holistic strength; not a 'quick fix' to a certain body type. I have a little bit of a gymnastics background and it's been fun to see how much muscle memory I still have! Coming to CrossFit at Chuckwalla is something I look forward to doing everyday!"

Chuckwalla became her CrossFit home because of the atmosphere that's been created by the staff and members. During her free trial week she honestly just couldn't believe how nice everyone was, remarking, "Unlike other gyms I've tried, there is no sense of comparison or unhealthy competition with each other. Everyone is encouraging and has a good time."

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