#MemberCrushMonday: Joe Harding

You know that stereotype of Cross-Fitters, that they can't stop talking about CrossFit? Well guess who drank the koolaid... Joe Harding. This week, our #MemberCrushMonday has us getting to know him:

"My name is Joe Harding, and I have a beautiful wife, Lisa, and two wonderful children, Silas and Eden. Silas is 2 years old and says he likes doing “toes to bar”, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what that means; he just likes saying it.

Lisa and I have known each other since junior high, but we reconnected when I was in Dallas, TX attending seminary. I would often serenade her with discussion of predestination, dead languages and manuscripts. We got married in 2014, had a few kids and are now members of Phoenix United Reformed Church.

Lisa talked me into doing CrossFit after realizing that the 'dad bod' was trending down on social media. Evan Oates had invited me 6 months prior, but Lisa and I joined Chuckwalla in January. Actually, I never thought I would be doing this because of all the stereotypes surrounding CrossFitters. Now CrossFit is the first thing I talk about with everyone I meet without exception. It’s a great way to get me moving as I am sitting down most of the day, which I hear is worse than smoking. So it was either stand up all day and light a pack or do CrossFit.

I am a CPA, and recently I started my own practice here in Phoenix focusing on tax planning & reduction for small business owners, real estate investors and 1099 employees. My website is https://www.hardingcpas.com.

As a CPA, I naturally love good comedy, cars and coffee. Every now and then I get to go fishing, bike riding or snowboarding. Lisa is actually far more adventurous than me in trying new things and going to new places, and I love how she often gets me out of my comfort zone. She is the reason you see me at Chuckwalla huffing and puffing in attempt to shed my outer shell."

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