#MemberCrushMonday: Brandon Sutton

After his college baseball and golf career was over, Brandon struggled to find motivation to workout. Then he found Chuckwalla CrossFit. He quickly discovered that Chuckwalla is more than a gym - and he feels lucky to be part of the community. We are lucky to have you too Brandon, and today you are our #MemberCrushMonday.

Here is Brandon's story:

"My name is Brandon Sutton. I am recently married to my amazing wife Jessica Sutton and we have a fur baby, our dog, named Ranger that is convinced he is human and loves to do yoga with me after workouts. Jessica and I got married on March 18th of this year and are enjoying our first couple of months as a married couple. I am a very active person and like to spend my weekends up in the mountains with a tent in the middle of nowhere camping and hiking with Jessica and Ranger. I am also a very avid golfer and on the off weekends I’m not in the mountains I’m trying to get in 18 holes.

I graduated from George Fox University in Portland Oregon in the spring of 2016 with a degree in Psychology and moved back home to Arizona. Shortly after returning home started working for PING Golf and now currently serve as a key account coordinator for some of our bigger accounts. While in college I played baseball for the first two years and then golf for the second two. When I graduated I had trouble finding the motivation and will to workout. I had always worked out in team settings and enjoyed being pushed by fellow teammates and coaches. Which is what lead me to CrossFit.

I joined Chuckwalla in the beginning of January 2018 to try and get in shape for my wedding. Within my first week I was hooked and knew that Crossfit for me. It gave me the team atmosphere and plenty of people to push me to work harder. When I first started at Chuckwalla I had heard the Crossfit stereotypes and wasn’t sure what to expect going in. Within the first 10 minutes of class I knew that it was going to be much different than any gym experience I had ever had. The people there encouraged me and helped push me the entire time throughout the workout. They weren’t encouraging me to add more weight or do more reps but to do the best I could and try and better myself, and the biggest part for me was they actually cared that I was bettering myself. To me Chuckwalla is much more than just a Crossfit gym, it is community that I am lucky to be apart of."

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