#MemberCrushMonday: Richard Graffius

Our #MemberCrushMonday this week, Richard Graffius, may call himself a "newbie," but heavy weights are not foreign to him.

Here is his story:

"My name is Richard..Rich..Rick..or Hey man, (Just not the other version, I’m not that old!)

I am originally from Phoenix, yep a true native. When I was still a young lad I joined the Navy, and spent 5 years as a Navy Seabee. This is where I originally met Fubar aka..Shannon. I decided to leave Old Blue in 1998 and ended up at COX (No I can’t get you free cable!) I have worked in design, engineering, and currently manage an internal construction team.

Something that may surprise you about me is that I hate with a capital H cardio!! But that’s probably not surprising to many of you, as you have seen me gasping for oxygen 45 seconds into some hell workout. What will surprise you is that a few years ago I trained nothing but cardio and managed to hike triple R non-stop in roughly 17 hours…. lol in the snow both ways, no pun intended. Some folks also find it surprising I used to weigh 238 pounds. Not the healthy pounds either. Of course, this has a lot to do with my “What do I enjoy” section...

Outside of CrossFit I do normal stuff: video games, traditional weight lifting, and looking at my mountain bike thinking about taking it out…but never do.

I enjoy adventure, if it’s new and risky count me in! Plus food, I like all food…ALL OF IT!!

I started CrossFit for a few reasons, (1) I’m so tired of “pumping iron!” The traditional weight lifting is not fun; I still do it but way less. (2) Ever see those CrossFit athlete’s…heck yeah sign me up!!! (3) Shannon made me!

“Favorite CrossFit Workout?” HAHAHAHA! I laughed at this one. I’m still a newbie Cross-fitter, I’m more like a water-boy fitter, but I must say any workout that does not require me to put the bar in/on the “Shelf.” I mean come on people, wrists and elbows do not bend that way, the coaches tell me push elbows up…. they don’t go up!! Also running…when I see run x2 I die a little inside.

I love to talk about food, diets and fitness goals, if you ever want to chat it up about macro’s and calories count me in. I have tried most of them!! Good luck fellow Chuckie’s."

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