#MemberCrushMonday: Ricky Stewart

We introduce you to Ricky Stewart, our #MemberCrushMonday!!

This dude is one of our dedicated 5:30am-ers.

He has been into mountain biking since he was 13 or so, but he would have to say that it is his #2 passion in life. His beautiful family is his #1. Ricky says if he could choose any job, it would probably be a professional downhill mountain biker.

Nerd alert-- he really enjoys reading sci-fi and was super stoked that Netflix made one of his favorite books (Altered Carbon) into a Netflix series.

About CrossFit, Ricky says, "It is the first workout format that I have had real sustainable success with. I think it's because I need structure and a competitive element to keep me coming back for more. That and the super friendly and encouraging people I get to work out with! My favorite lift would have to be the deadlift."

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