#MemberCrushMonday: Berto

This week our #MemberCrushMonday is Humberto De La Torre Hogan!! And if the mighty sound of his name gives you any indication as to his strength, he can lift a heck of a lot of weight.

Just in his recent months at Chuckwalla, he has put up some big numbers:

- 505# Back Squat

- 405# Front Squat

- 280# Clean & Jerk

- 315# Bench Press (This one is on our Instagram!)

His friends call him Berto, and he is just as kind and gentle as he is strong; definitely the kind of friend you'd want to have.

Berto is a pre-dental student, entrepreneur and currently gives himself the title of Domestic Engineer at The De La Torre Hogan Manor.

I was surprised to learn that he is a classically trained artist in sculpture and life drawing! (See he's not only made of brute strength!)

His current hobby is an attempt to dominate the backyard chicken egg industry. He says, "So far we have 18 chickens but only producing 6 eggs a day. One of theses days its going to take off. Lol."

A family guy, Berto says he enjoys pretty much anything that has to do with his son, Enrique, and his wife Liz.

His favorite lift or workout won't surprise you-- "anything heavy." Berto says he does CrossFit to improve his dad bod.

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