#MemberCrushMonday: Lisa Harding

Our #MemberCrushMonday, Lisa Harding, joined Chuckwalla in January of this year with her husband Joe!

Here is her story: "My name is Lisa Harding! I have been married to my husband Joe for 4 years and we have 2 precious kiddos, Silas (almost 3) and Eden (8 months). We love the Lord and are members at our church, Phoenix United Reformed. Although I am not a native Phoenician, Phoenix is definitely my home and, for the the most part, I love living here. I am a total people person and love connecting, hearing stories and caring for people. I have been an RN for the past 12 years, working mostly ICU, cardiac, and pediatric emergency. I also do some fun stuff like camp nursing and working with nursing students.

We found Chuckwalla after our persistent (and lovely) friends Evan and Rebecca Oates kept telling us about it. They finally wore us down and here we still are 6 months later! We almost immediately became addicted. I love the workouts, the community, learning new movements and all my new found ENERGY! My favorite lift is the bench press and and one I want to improve the most is the front squat.

Some random things you might not know about me are that I have lived in 7 states (both coasts and several places in between). I am a closet singer (I sang/played guitar at 4 family weddings), I am a former adrenaline junkie - bungee jumping and sky-diving (twice!) and traveled solo to Central America for month to study espanol.

Current interests outside of Chuckwalla pretty much always involve having fun with my husband and kids, listening to random podcasts, and trying to get more sleep. But I will never turn down a good tennis match, hiking invite or just good ol' conversation over delicious food."

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