#MemberCrushMonday: Andrew Cottrell

Today our #MemberCrushMonday, Andrew (Drew) Cottrell, shares with us how he pursues risk with wisdom- in celebration of life.

Here is his story:

"My Crossfit story starts with the gym’s opening ceremony two and a half years ago. I hadn’t worked out regularly since high school and it was about friggin time. The crew there keeps me coming back too. It becomes another community of people encouraging and strengthening each other.

I recently threw an event aptly named "Dadpipe" (dad’s skating a halfpipe) at the house, and broke my leg. Who drove me to the hospital? Another Chuckwalla member. I’m taking a group through the Grand Canyon in November. At least half that crew will be from Chuckwalla. Risk is life. I’m surrounded by people that enjoy taking risk and that I can trust to apply wisdom (in moderation) to the situation. Just like at the gym, I wanted to get stronger fast and Hazdovac encouraged me to scale down weight and work my technique. Wisdom. My technique isn’t perfect but after two years my power clean looks……better. I don’t want to just survive life, I want to celebrate it. Crossfit has helped me get to a place physically, mentally, and emotionally that I can do that with confidence. P.S. Anyone want to join the canyon hike? 45miles, 10,000ft gain, 18hrs. If you think you could survive it then don’t bother. If you think you can celebrate it then shoot me an email.

Here’s a few other factoids:

Favorite Workout: Farmer’s Carry and Partner WODs

What do I enjoy: Being with my wife and kids, even when they’re crazy

Something Surprising: Started an independent insurance agency, Upside Insurance Services, on April 1st!

Social Media: LinkedIn

My two cents on weighing the cost [of CrossFit]: Consistent exercise affects me. I’ve always known it. Good physically, good mentally, and good emotionally. Trail running is great too, but it’s free. I like free but there’s no skin in the game. Wanna know what you care about in life? Look to see where you’re spending money. La Fitness is cheaper? Yep, I tried that for 3 years for $17 a month. That’s practically free so I went 3x in 3 years. Again no skin in the game. At Chuckwalla there’s a buy in. I work out 3-5 times a week now. Surprise surprise, I have more energy, better memory, am stronger physically, and more consistently positive outlook on life. Not to mention the fact that when I miss a day at Chuckwalla, my new friends there ask where I was. That in itself is a powerful motivator."

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