#MemberCrushMonday: Chad Sutton

Up to bat for this week's #MemberCrushMonday is Chad Sutton!

Here are his stats:

"I have been playing baseball with my two older brothers ever since I could walk. I always wanted to be like my big brothers and followed in their foot steps. Going to the baseball field and hitting in the batting cages was always a family event. Being the youngest I got pushed hard to practice and play at a high level . Around 12 years old I knew I loved the game. Starting my last little league season I ended up hitting a total of 21 home runs in little league, coming very close to the Arizona home run record. Later I attended Pinnacle High School were I played varsity for 2 years. My senior year I was ranked the third best 3rd baseman in the state of Arizona and helped lead the Pinnacle Pioneers to their first State Championship appearance in school history. After high-school I had many options for college ball, getting blessed with many offers. I knew I wanted to stay on the West Coast in the warm weather I grew up in. I committed to Vanguard University Of Southern California and had an amazing freshman experience which include a walk-off home run and some close connections made with major league teams.

I currently do Crossfit in my offseason to get my body and mind in the shape it needs to be for my upcoming season. My favorite lift has been either front squats or bench press. The results I have seen on the baseball field from those lifts have been crucial, especially when it comes to my offensive power.

Outside of Crossfit [and baseball] I enjoy hanging with family and close friends. Camping is one of my favorite things to do as well as dirt biking."

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