Joe: the Making of a Coach

Joe Makston has been at Chuckwalla since the beginning, as in back when Chuckwalla didn't have a name because it was just an idea, and then he was there when the idea became reality.

About 3 1/2 years ago, our owner John Hazdovac shared with Joe that he dreamed of opening a CrossFit gym. Joe told him that if he opened one, he would join. Well that next week, John started up Chuckwalla CrossFit in his garage and that weekend Joe joined in as the first founding member. He had been a trail runner for several years and was looking for something new to do. Well he found it through Chuckwalla CrossFit and has been with us ever since.

Just a couple weeks go, Joe passed his CrossFit Level 1 certification and is now one of Chuckwalla CrossFit's newest coaches! From trail runner to CrossFit athlete to CrossFit coach, we are so excited that Joe is part of our community. He is going to make a great coach because he has the humility to remember what it feels like to start at the beginning.

Speaking of the beginning... You can read more about how he felt about being a newbie Crossfitter HERE. The deadlift is one of Joe's favorite movements, party because it reminds him of how far he has come. In his early days of CrossFit he pulled his hamstring lifting 65 lbs. Now he can lift twice his weight!! Joe says, "[The deadlift is] a measurement of progress that everyone starts out somewhere."

The movement he is looking forward to getting better at is the snatch. You know, the one he really dislikes....the dreaded snatch. Joe admits, "It sounds like a swear word, doesn't it...the snatch! UGH!! And that's why I know I need to work on it! Holding weight above your head is not a natural movement; unless you're an old school WWF wrestler named Jake the Snake and you're about to body slam someone. The only way to improve it, is the practice the movement."

After 3 years as a CrossFit athlete, Joe wanted to become a coach mostly because of his daughter. Joe said, "CrossFit is a great place to see what real women look like. They are strong, confident, beautiful, and come in all shapes and sizes. I want to be a voice that says, 'You were created perfect just the way you are.' CrossFit has changed my life as well. I'm the most fit, inside and out, then I have ever been. The encouragement of the community has challenged me to lift more weight and try things I've never dreamed I could do. I believe if I can gain that kind of confidence, my hope is to pass it on to someone else."

As you can tell, Joe's kids are the light of his life. He loves spending time with them, enjoying the library and playing board games. His son Eli likes video games, and Joe is awful at them! Usually once a month Eli can get Joe to play video games, but if Joe wins he quits while he is ahead. Ave, his daughter, enjoys art, so there are regular drawings, clay animals, and pictures are left around their house. Family & community are important to him, and the Chuckwalla community is part of that circle: dinner, church, small group, game nights, and of course iced tea at AJ’s after a hard workout!

The motivation in the Makston home comes from their mantra: “Makston’s do the work” and “Makston’s are weird, and that’s awesome” (You'll have to ask him about that second one...)

Coach Joe says, "Seeing real, sustainable life change matters..whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual health. We live in a society of quick fixes and 'I want it now' mentality. Doing the heavy lifting sucks at times. When you decide enough is enough and you’re going to do it no matter what…THINGS CHANGE. I love seeing the shift in someone when they decide they are not going to tolerate it anymore. It bolsters my faith and drives me to focus on being a healthy man and healthy dad."

We are so glad to have Coach Joe on board to motivate all of us as well!

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